Each morning the sun rises is an opportunity to reaffirm my morals.

Written by on November 3, 2020

I am prepared for every day I am blessed with. I see the rising sun as an opportunity to reaffirm my morals. I allow my morals to take me through the roughest situations each day and emerge unscathed.

I know that difficulties lie ahead for me. I accept that as a part of life.

My morals are challenged each day by negative people and situations. When I reaffirm my morals each morning, I am newly equipped with the tools to handle any negative situation.

I am able to take the high road when I recommit to my morals and beliefs each day.

Every decision I make at work takes into account my moral position. I am aware that my moral position may differ from that of my employer. But I am committed to staying true to myself.

If I encounter situations when I am forced to choose a course of action, I choose based on my beliefs. I prefer to remain upright than to compromise my beliefs.

I like having a clear conscience instead of one that eats away at me.

Today, I commit to preventing other desires from forcing me to compromise my beliefs. I believe my path is leading me toward success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do my morals and beliefs change from time to time?
2. How can I help my kids to be more resolute?
3. What strategies can I employ to help me make the right choices?