To me, winning means landing on top without compromising my values.

Written by on December 12, 2020

I like to win honestly. A victory is always sweeter after taking the long, tough road of integrity. It pleases me when I can say that I live up to my expectations.

My values mean the world to me because they define who I am. I am happy to be predictable in the minds of others because it is easy to garner their trust in the future.

I believe that when others know what I stand for, they can rely on me to maintain integrity.

In my workplace, I feel like a successful leader every day. I express my belief system to those who look up to me for leadership. I realize that my stance may not always be favorable, but I know I can get the performance I need from the organization if I stick to it.

I achieve because I allow my values to remain at the forefront of my actions. They help me live with positivity and confidence. They help me endure and inspire me to go further.

Today, I promise to always stand behind what I believe in. I trust that I can be victorious in any venture without compromising my values.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What happens when I refuse to compromise my values?
2. Do I share the importance of sticking to what is right with my kids?
3. Are there times when I feel like the ‘high road’ is unbearable?