To be energetic is to be strong and involved in life.

Written by on December 11, 2020

I see myself as vibrant and full of energy. My energetic state brings me lots of benefits and allows me to create the life I want.

Having energy enables me to live in the moment and feel connected with the people and things going on around me. I make a greater impact on others due to my energy and strength.

I determine how my life progresses because I stay involved. The more involved I am, the stronger I feel.

I am vibrant and abundantly alive. As my energy flows, I live the life of my dreams. The strength of my character and resolve grows with each day.

Ensuring I have energy is a priority. My focus is clear: in order to keep my energy flowing, I eat healthy meals and snacks, avoid high sugar beverages, and exercise daily.

As my energy rises, so does my strength and conscious connection to everything I do during the day. My involvement with life is at the highest level.

Today, I recognize the power I have to create how I feel. My energy helps me to be strong and engage actively in my life. A daily goal for me is to practice good health habits in order to remain vibrant.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How is my energy level on most days?
2. What happens in my life when I lack energy?
3. What steps will I take to keep my energy at healthy levels so I can stay strong and more emotionally connected with others?