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Monica Severo

Mox Severo

Wondering about wisdom vision? Sometimes, it takes an uncommon mind and heart to realize some of the simple wonders in our lives. That’s Mox. She has the heart of a pure ancient being, but she would never think that of herself. She will just want to listen to you and help you move from wherever you are into a breathtaking state of clarity and wisdom.

She brings gifts. Sit with her for five minutes. She will astound you with the sweetest wisdom you may have ever heard. And she won’t even be aware that she’s done that.  After one hour with this wise woman, you will safely say that she has begun to awaken your wisdom vision. It’s her gift. And you will be on the receiving end.

This brave, tender, wise, earthshakingly bright woman is one of a kind. “Understanding our divine spark is key in managing our energy to be masterful creators,” she says.

Mox Severo is a strategic visionary who works with anyone who wishes to exist in the higher frequency state by helping them master divine teachings and tools she was so fortunate to have learned and found. Powered by Heart, she seeks the advancement of every fellow human by helping and guiding others to be their higher selves. She knows there is power in numbers. She believes when more of us understand and activate our divine abilities, the closer we get in anchoring and manifesting our higher dimensional world.

As CEO of New Frontiers Computing Solutions LLC, Mox provides innovative leadership in New Frontiers global projects. She builds deeply inspired creative teams to develop world uplifting innovations. She holds a degree in Computer Engineering and Chemistry. Outside the passion of divine teachings, she loves traveling and archeology.