Martin Bedogne


Martin Bedogne

Having worked in the entertainment industry for 25-plus years, Martin Bedogne has gained the unique perspective of becoming comfortable in front of the camera, as well as learning pretty much every facet of television and film production behind the camera. All the while, his soul focus has been to open and strengthen his connection with spirit and thus, allow the creative energy to flow unhindered.

“Many years ago, I had a dream of discovering a clogged stream that lied behind my home, and production office, a modest little bungalow in the heart of old Hollywood. The stream had been long forgotten and was blocked by years of mud and sediment. Looming over the house was a rather stark, concrete, high-rise, corporate entertainment building. When I looked up, people were leaning out the windows of this building, curiously watching me in the yard below.”

“I spied a shovel that was leaning against the house and began to dig. One shovel full at a time, I scooped up and removed the muck of the ages. The soil was a thick, dark, heavy mixture of wet sand and clay. Finally, I took a breath and removed the last shovel full. Like magic, the water flowed free, strong and clear and at just that moment, a cheer erupted from the people in the building above. They were clapping and hooting loudly, as they watched the water flow and the stream take on a life of its own.”

Martin wrote this in his dream journal nearly 20 years ago, and thus the journey began as he removed the muck of the ages from deep inside himself until his own stream was restored, and flowing clear. He recently came to understand that it is time to assist others who are ready to strengthen their connection with spirit, and thus, their creative flow, no matter what their dreams or deepest desires.