Lee Degani


Lee Degani

Lee Degani, founder of Connection to Healing, home of the Infinite Child Institute is a dynamic and extraordinary teacher who delights in making the mystical and magical secrets of the universe easily accessible to children and adults of all ages.

In her most recent program, her students learn to utilize their third eye to see and read blindfolded, discovering we truly live in a magical universe with unlimited possibilities!

Whether she is working with an individual or with a group, Lee follows her higher guidance and draws on various modalities she has been trained in including Kabbalistic Healing, Sound Healing, 13th Octave LaHoChi, Color Therapy, Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Energy Releasement Therapy. She is licensed as a Council of Love Teacher and SpiritLife Coach and is a certified teacher in the state of Florida.

Outside of her passion for teaching and coaching Lee also loves to work in her magical garden filled with ponds, fairies, and secret places, play her piano and harpsichord, create beautiful tablescapes, write in her blog, Lee’s Love Notes, and her favorite activity of all, play with her two young grandchildren! Lee is blessed to be married to her husband, David for 43 years.

Lee offers classes as well as private healing and coaching sessions for adults, children and teens. Her greatest joy is teaching her students and clients spiritual tools to access Joy as a gateway to the spiritual realm and their own Infinite Self to create the life they desire.

Lee is looking forward to helping you take your next step to Connection!

Lee can be reached at:lee@connectiontohealing.org