Judy Nelson


Judy Nelson

Judy Nelson

What would you think, if you walked into your backyard one morning and saw a perfect large circle pressed into the grass in your backyard? Would you rub your eyes and have another cup of coffee to wake up? Or, would you receive the seemingly magical energy gift and begin your journey into the world of the unseen energies of Native American Medicine Wheels? In fact, I did just that.

After many years working in the Western Medicine field, I discovered the true healing of the Medicine Wheel. After the tears of joy at seeing this gift in my own backyard, it was obvious that medicine wheels were to be a part of my future work.

And so, here we are. I had always been drawn to energy work, to helping others in their search for not just wellness, but for spiritual wellness and ease. If you have searched in every way you know for what I call “the energies,” then perhaps I can lend a hand. I have been on that path myself and am offering you a friendly guide into the world of the spiritual quest for health, balance, and unending joy at discovering a largely unknown part of our world.

Yes, it’s very real. One morning after years of feeling a deep connection to Mother Earth (Gaia), and having read book after book on “Medicine Wheels” as the Native Americans knew them, I received undeniable proof of the reality of an unseen world. And, it was showing itself right there in my backyard – a thirteen-foot perfect circle pressed into the grass. Imagine my surprise. Then imagine the tears of joy as this energy world suddenly became visible to me.

That was the beginning of my exploration into healing energies and into leading others through a series of health-giving and life-giving energetic steps.

My engagement with the Medicine Wheel…now in my backyard…led me to work with the pure spiritual energy of the Archangels, the broader Heavenly Hosts, and many expansive steps toward expertise in the healing energies taught by Linda Dillon and The Council of Love.

There are gifts and tools available to you that are blessed by the Divine Mother and Ascended Masters. These are essential tools of healing that may be unknown to you.

Allow me to be your guide into this world of completely natural, yet powerful healing energies.

It would be my honor to have an initial meeting with you as we talk about your needs. Shall we walk this path together?

Judy can be reached at judy@colspiritlifecoaching.com.