Tomas Kianicka


Tomas Kianicka

Tomas Kianicka

Who would ever guess that my former computer expertise could have led me to an inner truth, and then to a partnership with Spirit. The point seems to be that there is always a path back to your heart and soul. And so, I walk the path of deep inner truth which expands into an inner communication and partnership with Spirit. It still amazes me to be saying that I have a connection with the Divine. You know, years ago, I could never have imagined saying that I am a spiritual guide. I am forever blessed to be a Certified Council of Love Teacher.

And, I want to be sure you know that if I can make this journey, so can you. From computers to spirit and heart wisdom. It amazes me still. I really want to invite you to meet with me for an hour so that I can explain each step along the way. It could very well shift the way you see yourself. For example, inside each of us there is a brilliant guide. For now, you may not hear this guidance, but it’s there… and I would be honored to  offer this teaching and connection to you.

There really is a pathway to this knowledge. And it can shift the meaning of your life. It shifted mine. As a Council of Love Teacher, I am offering my help to you as you travel the path to your life goals. Give yourself this chance to receive the very thing that will make your heart sing.

I extend my passion in another way by sharing it with those who are open to receive via the youtube channel ‘Expansion of Radiance’, a joint project with my friend, partner – coach and psychologist Dushiela Pemjee.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all. It would be my pleasure to hear from you.