Jennifer Donaldson


Jennifer Donaldson

Jennifer is a coach and a teacher who loves universal life questions. She will gently guide you to your true Self. Life’s journey has led Jennifer Donaldson to creative, relational, and spiritual fulfillment. It took a while, but her journey discovered answers that are universal and that will relate to you.

Jennifer overflows with heart-centered wisdom. If you want to discover who you truly are, what you bring to share, and why you’re here in these rapidly evolving times, Jennifer stands to bring clarity to your journey and to your life. Perhaps it’s clarity for our human confusion; perhaps it’s certainty, and calm, in times of fear. Maybe her spiritual companionship will offer insight and compassion, in other words – answers, your answers.

We all find our true selves ultimately, but if you’d like to get there sooner rather than later, Jennifer is waiting. She has traveled many roads, from higher education with a master’s degree in education, later to seminary, where she developed skills in guiding elders, and lately to being certified as a Council of Love Teacher & SpiritLife Coach.

Jennifer lives on the beautiful coast of Maine;  she will meet with you either locally, in person, or through Zoom for your private meetings together. She invites you to join her in the deep spirit of wisdom as you journey together to explore life’s mysteries, and reveal life’s answers.

Classes offered through the Council of Love involve you gaining all the tools and understandings that come through growing consciousness, with the fun and support of traveling companions in the larger group. Concurrently or alternately, choosing SpiritLife coaching essentially means finding your answers, and your way forward, not anyone else’s.  The authentic you emerges and you are free.

If you are intrigued, take one meeting with Jennifer. No obligation beyond that, unless you choose to continue. Think of this as having a deeply caring guide, walking beside you into your future.