My highest vision of myself is made visible in all that I do.

Written by on December 2, 2020

I walk in this world with ease and grace, trusting that I am aligned with my goals. With every action I take, I see my true self appear.

I am thankful for each opportunity to live with integrity. In all that I do, my highest vision of myself is made real.

In my career, I act with integrity and character. My commitments are important to me, so I make good on them. By doing this, I build my sense of self.

At home, I am cheerful, patient, and calm. If I feel challenged by the actions or words of someone I love, I choose to stop and breathe for a moment. I ask myself how I would respond if I was acting as my best self. Then, I act accordingly. This is how I show my family I cherish them and my time with them.

I also make good use of my personal time. Because I value myself, I dedicate a little time each week just for myself. I may relax, do some self-development, read a book, or work on a project I love. Doing these things feeds my sense of self and helps me tap into the energy that propels me through my days.

Today, I show my best qualities to the world. I intentionally cultivate self-worth, and I see that reflected in all that I do. Each day, I recommit to living my highest vision of myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some qualities I value that I manifest every day?
2. What are some personal characteristics I would like to further develop?
3. How can I increase my sense of self-worth?