My faith strengthens me.

Written by on December 1, 2020

I am stronger when I cling to my faith.

My faith lies in my Creator’s ability to carry me through, and also in my inner ability to keep going. I know that such a combination is enough to keep me strong.

I know that together with my Creator, nothing is too difficult to overcome.

I admit that life can throw me some difficult curve balls. I admit to encountering situations in life when I feel I am incapable of making it through. But in each situation, I rely on my faith to give me the resolve to persevere.

When I exercise my faith, I feel I can move mountains. I feel I can achieve anything I set out to do.

When my faith is strong, there is no obstacle I cannot climb or demolish. My strength is as tall as the highest mountain and as vast as the widest ocean.

At times, there are situations that I feel I cannot handle alone. In times like these, I lean on the support of my Creator to further strengthen me.

I know I can do anything when I call on my Creator for the assistance I need. The answers I get contain the power I need to rise above the challenges.

Today, I stand tall in my faith because it keeps me going and builds me up to deal with anything. I am stronger physically, spiritually and mentally when I believe in myself and have faith in a strength-giving Creator.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are there times when my faith in myself is challenged?
2. Does it ever seem to me that my Creator isn’t heeding my cry?
3. Do I share my stories of success through faith with others around me?