My faith makes me smile.

Written by on November 30, 2020

My spiritual beliefs build a strong foundation for my happiness. Faith allows me to feel secure, so I can relax and enjoy life.

I learn to regard myself and others with compassion. I try to see the humorous side of the errors that we all make.

My faith allows me to share fun times with those around me. I connect with others who share my convictions. We exchange laughter and support.

I become more tolerant. It is easier for me to forgive others, even when my feelings are hurt. I can move past anger and sadness. Affectionate feelings are quickly restored. Arguments give way to more pleasant interactions.

Having faith puts things in perspective and helps me understand what really matters. I act responsibly without taking life too seriously.

There are many ways for me to use my faith to express my happiness.

Prayer becomes a warm conversation with the divine. It is okay for me to describe a funny experience or pour out my heart. Gentle meditation allows me to tackle sensitive topics without feeling threatened or overwhelmed. Spiritual music lifts my spirits.

I remind myself that others may be influenced by my mood. When I am cheerful, I share the benefits of my faith with others. I socialize with the people I pray with. Pot luck dinners and long walks become an extension of worship and prayer.

Today, I rejoice in the good feelings that arise from practicing my faith. My tensions dissolve into laughter and contentment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why does humor strengthen my faith?
2. How can faith help me to smile during stressful times?
3. In what ways can faith prevent humor from turning into ridicule?