Tiziana Paggiolu


Tiziana Paggiolu

Tiziana Paggiolu

Tiziana Paggiolu is a kind and gentle healer, a channel, and trained as a Council of Love SpiritLife Coach. She works with people who are willing to embark on an inner journey of discovery. Tiziana provides a safe and gentle environment for her clients, where they can relax, let go, and just be.

Tiziana began her healing training in London (UK) in 1996, starting with Reiki and Spiritual Healing. In 2016 she discovered the Council of Love’s 13th Octave LaHoChi Healing and she became passionate about it. The depth of healing and clearing she experienced is beyond description and she is now committed to practice and give this gift to her clients.

Tiziana has the third level Reiki and she’s training to become a 13th Octave LaHoChi Healer and teacher. She has a diploma in Swedish Massage, aromatherapy, and Baby Massage. She has worked with children with special needs as an aromatherapist for many years and she also organized small groups, teaching mothers how to massage their babies.

Outside her passion for healing and coaching, Tiziana loves to take long walks in nature, read, and spend time at the seaside when the weather is mild. She’s passionate about children and the gifts they bring.

Tiziana is looking forward to work in small groups online and in person. She’s planning to create groups outdoors when possible.

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