Tammy Randles


Tam Randles

Love, Joy, and Peace may seem like an airy, fairy concept to some. Some humans have given up on having love, peace, and joy in their life leading them to believe Love, Joy, and Peace is not possible on Earth. I believe all humanity can rise up into a new state of being, a new way of living, a new normal of peace love, and joy within and in communion with All our Relations upon planet Earth.

Our planet, Gaia, and humanity are in uncharted territory as we are entering into a new age. Beyond the illusion of chaos, a great awakening is occurring, an awakening of our true nature and the embodiment of our soul while in a physical human body. We are in the New Normal. We are ascending into the New that Jesus spoke of bringing forth, a new state of being in and of Love That’s why we’re here. Truly, truly, we are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

I felt out of place here on Earth for most of my life, so I escaped in every way I could, living in dysfunction, hiding in shame and fear for over 20 years until I found an organization, a roadmap to a future that we all yearn for, the Council of Love.

The sole purpose of the Council of Love is to spread Love throughout the universe. I learned once you begin to work with the Council of Love, your life will never be the same. I am no longer escaping the miraculous truth and gift of life I have been given to be in and of Peace, Love and Joy!

With the Council of Love, I have survived a challenging life journey, and have found joy in that. We are all able and capable to truly Be the Peace, Love and Joy we were created from to be whole and holy and come together as One family. I was born for this, so were you.

I AM a gardener of Peace, creator of beauty, earth keeper, earth mage, wayshower, mutidimensional star being, rainbow warrior of the Light, beacon of Hope, holder of the vision beyond the horizon, keeper of the promise, and bringer of the dream.

I Am passionate about astrology, archeoastronomy, archetypes, human design, DNA discoveries, the science of Love within our physical hearts, heart coherence, ancient and indigenous wisdom, permaculture, light, sound, frequency, vibration, music of the spheres, sacred geometry, the golden ratio, the golden grid of Gaia, our star family, anchoring Cities of Light, humanities great awakening, and Ascension.

I AM a Council of Love teacher, SpiritLife Coach, La Ho Chi practitioner, and intuitive card reader assisting those who also yearn for more peace, love, and joy in their life. My path is peace, paved with hope, truth, wisdom, and love. My intent is to teach and coach as Jesus taught with gentleness, kindness, and humor and as the Magdalene through prayer, meditation, and ritual.

If you resonate with any part of my life experience and would like to talk, I’m here to listen, heart to heart, step by step, walking the path of peace, Home to the truth of Love within our hearts and souls, where the golden light of Joy resides. Love is all there is. Love won in the beginning, there is no end, there’s always More. Did I hear your heart whisper yes?

I believe peace is our innate natural state of being within and within all.

“Peace on Earth is the Promise”-AA Michael