Sue Scofield


Sue Scofield

You are a jewel. Yes, you!

How can I know that since I’m over here and you’re over there?
Because there are ways in which we’re just the same.

Aren’t you sometimes stuck in the mud?

And then aren’t there times when you shine? And maybe you even feel the sparkle from the inside out.
It’s strange that something most of us have in common is that we talk freely about the mud bath…
but we don’t mention the sparkle. And the mud bath is only half the story…that is if you give yourself a break.

So what’s the truth? It’s there are times when, completely unknown to you, you beautifully color the lives of those around you. That is the truth. You’ve shifted something in them.

And then there are other times when you feel like a jewel in the mud, up to your knees in muck,
completely stuck and left wondering how to free yourself. I’m here to help you navigate these ups and downs
with spiritual tools and teachings that lend balance and deep awareness. You can reach for me. I will take your
hand and help you pull yourself free of the mud. I’ve been there too. I know how to help.

I am Sue, I’m someone who cares and who will take the time to listen.  I am a certified Council of Love teacher, and a lifelong spiritual student and artist.

I’ve been through some tough challenges. And I’ve discovered that the tough times don’t define us.
There is ALWAYS a road that will lead you back to peace and balance. I would be honored to work with you –
to help you rinse that mud away, uncovering the jewel that you are.  It’s true, you know.
Send a note along to me so that we can get together. I look forward to seeing you.