Roxanne Smith


Roxanne Smith

Roxanne Smith is a Self-Care Coach who has been working with individuals to reclaim their health by teaching them how to reconnect to their body’s own innate wisdom and healing to achieve their health goals.

After spending several decades learning how to heal and maintain her own debilitating chronic pain and the effects it had on her life, Roxanne gathered all her experiences, training, and knowledge to help others learn to heal from the inside out. She believes that self-care is essential to one’s overall wellbeing and at the heart of most illnesses and dis-ease. Through a heart-centered approach, Roxanne teaches her clients how to make time for self-care in order to bring their body, mind, and spirit back into a place of balance.

Over the past two decades, Roxanne has helped over a thousand individuals to heal while empowering them with the tools and skills to build their own self-care practices. Most recently, Roxanne has been working with her community to heal from the mass shooting that occurred in 2018 by offering Mind Body Skills Groups in partnership with the Center for Mind Body Medicine.

Roxanne is honored to be a channel for the Council of Love and one of two trainers offering 13th Octave LaHoChi. Roxanne holds a degree in Natural Health, is a licensed Massage Therapist for over fifteen years, Energy Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, Certified Mind-Body Medicine Facilitator, and Certified Qigong Group Facilitator.

In addition to her passion for healing others, Roxanne loves to expand her self-care through cooking, reading, taking classes, listening to music, and dancing. She is an avid fan of the performing arts and can be seen on stage from time to time. When not helping others, Roxanne is at her best with her family and thrives being in nature.


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