Robin Hedstrom


Robin Hedstrome

Robin Hedstrom

In your travels, have you ever met a gentle man who will join you in discovering yourself through nature’s healing gifts, through walks in the forest, and through carefully studying herbs and natural health potions?

Robin discusses Einstein as easily as he launches into stories of his home country of Sweden. And he’ll surprise you with his laughter about skateboarding. This coach offers such diverse wisdom in fascinating areas of life. He knows no strangers. He opens his heart to everyone. He lives life by embracing life.

I genuinely wish to sit with you and simply listen to your words and to what you offer so I can provide feedback to you of what’s real.

I’m an insightful coach. I don’t pretend to bring all the answers. But I will listen to your questions and pull your answers from what follows naturally. If you’ve felt misunderstood. If you’ve felt unheard. If you’ve felt alone. I have, too. I can walk with you as you journey into all of your questions and deepest concerns. You will find me welcoming.

I am a certified Council of Love coach who would genuinely love to hear from you.

Perhaps you can sit with me for a while.