Rob Loveland


Rob Loveland

Rob Loveland

Questioning the direction of your life? Yearning to find greater meaning than day-to-day existence? I’ve been there. I have been on a spiritual journey for most of my adult life and have come to understand that one’s beliefs about oneself is where the journey begins … and ends.

My name is Rob Loveland, and I am something of a Spiritual Navigator, teaching others how to navigate a course toward spiritual awakening by finding their own internal, spiritual GPS. It would be my honor to embark with you on a course of discovery, carried upon the prevailing winds and currents of change while being guided by the “true north” of your own inner compass.

We have come to the time for us all to understand who we are, why we are here, and what role we are already playing! Let me help you navigate your personal course to find your connection with the Creator.

After spending 37 years of federal service as a computer scientist, working with small teams and large organizations, I have a sense of what motivates people toward realizing their full potential, to find that spark of brilliance within. I’ve supported and mentored entry-level employees, senior executives, and every level in between, so I understand how to meet people where they are and communicate spiritual concepts to technically minded folk.

I am certified as a Council of Love Teacher and SpiritLife Coach, so I’m well equipped to set you on a path that will surely change your life, and in so doing, change the world. You hold within you the power to access that multi-dimensional, creative spirit!

I live in the Baltimore area and am an avid sailor, crewing in weekly yacht club races, while also day-sailing the northern Chesapeake Bay on my own 24-ft trimaran, “Alicin.” As every sailor knows, an epic sailing adventure begins with charting your course, and I can teach you how. Won’t you embark with me on an adventure of a lifetime!

I can be reached through my website at