Paul Backes


Paul Backes

Paul Backes

I am a SpiritLife Coach looking for those who aspire to “Settle for More” in every aspect of their life experience.

Why would I offer to help you “Settle for More?” Because it’s what I do, and I know how to introduce this very real concept to you. It’s not just a catchy phrase. Far from it. This ability to invite and allow more into your life…will change your life. It has mine.

Let me bring you into this long-lost ability to believe in yourself no matter what. In other words, to settle for more. Another way to say it might be to call it welcoming ease and grace into your life. I wonder if, in your life, you have thought of this ‘ease’ as being a real possibility?

What if you consider that settling for more is allowing your life to be easier…bringing ease in. Sound impossible? Let’s explore it together. Give us an hour to get some answers for you.

SpiritLife Coaching is a rich mix of listening, exploring, and uncovering the gems that have perhaps been unexplored as of yet. A few examples might be:

• Using the guidance that is available to you right now through SpiritLife coaching
• Becoming more persuasive and effective with the tools of being present
• Navigating relationships and cultivating new ones
• Finally overcoming a lesson that has repeatedly come up throughout your life
• Transforming anger and resentment into love and forgiveness
• Easily and gracefully putting your fears to rest

Sound impossible? This isn’t far out and unreachable. It’s inviting ‘receiving’ into your life. And giving. It’s inviting more into your life.

Drop me a note. I would be honored to hear from you.

P.S. There’s one more thing I offer. I do remote energy clearing/revitalization of homes and spaces. I call it energy clearing and my friends call me the ‘Good Vibes Energy Guy.’ Let me know if you want more information.

Outside of my passion for coaching and clearing work, I love music and I play and record with several bands.

I can be reached at