I have faith in those around me.

Written by on November 17, 2020

I have the power to move beyond past hurts and form new bonds of trust. Regardless of my previous experiences, I am courageous enough to give new people in my life a chance to become close friends.

To build trust for others, I first seek the good in all people. Instead of judging the tiny flaws in others, I focus on the qualities that make each person lovable. I embrace people as they are.

My communication skills are improving every day. I speak openly and honestly with those I want to be close to. I am honest with my loved ones, no matter how they respond.

I take actions that support successful relationships, instead of succumbing to the fear of failure. My loved ones are truly devoted to me and care for me. I expect my loved ones to be loyal, truthful, and dependable. My loved ones live up to whatever I think of them. Therefore, I choose to trust them.

My relationships are free from lies and deception. I experience quality relationships, instead of the loneliness of my past.

I embrace the present and leave the negativity of my past behind. Each new day, I embrace new opportunities for personal growth.

I choose to cleanse my heart of any hurt or shame that causes me to mistrust others. I forgive those who hurt me. I accept myself so that I can forgive and accept others.

Today, I choose to build relationships of trust. I look past the imperfections of others and see the good in them. I focus on the strengths of each individual and courageously establish new friendships.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are the benefits of putting the past behind?
2. How can I build trust with others?
3. What role does honesty play in my relationships?