I allow faith to determine my actions.

Written by on November 10, 2020

My actions are based on a strong belief that things are going to work out in my favor. I feel assured that my life is on the path to success and only good things are coming my way.

My decisions are based on a positive view of the world. I weigh my options responsibly before I act, but I always allow optimism to triumph over fear when it comes to determining my course of action.

I could sit down and come up with a million negative scenarios to prevent me from moving forward. But instead I choose to focus on the potential I have for success. This helps me to propel myself into motion.

To rise above the pack, I must take risks greater than anyone else. To take risks, I must be brave. My faith bolsters my courage.

Faith is about allowing myself to see beyond what my natural eyes can perceive. My eyes often see obstacles. Faith helps me to see possibilities.

I hold on securely to my faith to remain encouraged about life. When I encounter opposition in life, faith empowers me with optimism when my mind pushes me to quit. Faith is my insurance against giving up.

I choose faith because the alternative to faith is doubt. I prefer to take a risk and fall short than to live in fear. There are lessons to be learned even from unsuccessful attempts.

Today, I choose to be courageous by allowing faith to be the catalyst of my actions. I use faith as a motivator because it is the best way to get clarity and courage. With obstacles removed from my view, I see endless possibilities.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are my actions determined by faith, fear, or reason?
2. How can I be more optimistic in my decision-making?
3. What hopes and dreams do I have for myself?