Humility opens up great opportunities for me.

Written by on November 9, 2020

I know that opportunities are coming my way and that I am destined for greatness. But, I believe it is important to wait my turn. Even though I know my worth, I respond with humility.

When I am humble, others take note. I give the impression of someone who is capable, yet modest about my abilities. This approach convinces others that I take success in stride.

My actions reflect my spirit. I possess an aura of humility.

When others give me compliments, I accept them gracefully. I remember to say thank you to those who speak kind words about me. I know that people feel appreciated when I take the time to acknowledge them.

At the office, my poise and self-confidence sparks curiosity. My superiors give me unique opportunities. My silent confidence allows me to self-promote without saying a word.

My mission in the office is to let my work do the talking. I produce quality work without bragging about it. The impact is felt more greatly that way.

My humility also allows me to acknowledge my shortcomings. When I am direct and honest about my weaknesses, I have the opportunity to learn new things. The chance to increase my skill set is very valuable to me.

Today, I declare that I am humble. I commit to continuing along the path to greatness, so opportunities keep coming my way. I am proof that humility brings success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have I had to speak up about my qualifications to get respect?
2. Why would public celebrations of my victories be contrary to a humble lifestyle?
3. How can I remember to express gratitude when I am given a new opportunity?