Having faith makes my tough situations manageable.

Written by on November 7, 2020

Life brings some tough situations which test my fortitude and willpower. I am better able to cope with rough times because I have faith.

I have faith that there is a greater power than me guiding my steps. My belief in that power helps me to feel confident in my future.

Faith in myself helps me to feel sure about my abilities. I know that even when difficult moments face me, I am able to figure out a suitable solution.

Sometimes I am required to help my teenagers through emotional breakups. That is hard for me as a parent because I know they are hurting. But I rely on my self-belief to give sound parenting advice.

Faith also helps me make career decisions. I know it is practical for me to stay in a job with consistent income. But I believe in working according to my passion.

The decision to leave a steady income for an uncertain future is based purely on faith. I know that diligence in my endeavors goes a long way. Faith convinces me that working hard and smart is the key to doing well in whatever career I choose.

Today, I avoid allowing tough situations to discourage me. When they show up, I commit to relying on my faith to get through them. I know that patience and endurance come naturally when I choose to have faith.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In which tough situations do I feel like I am unable to make it through?
2. How much time do I spend helping others through tough situations?
3. What are some other sources of faith that I can rely on when needed?