Faith stabilizes me.

Written by on November 4, 2020

My faith is like a firm foundation. I feel grounded and secure.

My faith strengthens me. A loving heart makes me powerful. Challenges become opportunities for me to test my beliefs and become more resourceful. I know I can accomplish great things when I connect with the divine.

My faith guides me. I turn to scriptures and spiritual friends so I can make wise decisions. My faith gives me comfort and support. Prayer and meditation slow down my thoughts. My mind becomes clear and peaceful. I recognize the abundance that surrounds me.

My faith moves me to action. My daily choices reflect my values.

I look for ways to serve others. I volunteer in my community and pitch in when my neighbors are sick or struggling. I share constructive feedback with my co-workers, and volunteer for assignments that enable me to contribute to the team.

I treat myself with compassion and respect. I use my self-talk to reinforce my faith, and build myself up. I give myself credit for taking risks. I validate my feelings and challenge myself to keep learning and growing.

I take care of my body and mind. I eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. I manage stress and think positive.

Today, I rely upon my faith to make each experience more meaningful and enriching. I feel confident and brave. My faith centers me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How would I describe my personal faith?
2. What is one thing I can do to live my faith today?
3. How does my faith help me to endure difficult conditions?