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Date: March 6, 2022
Location: Fort Lauderdale area & Online

I’ve had some miraculous things happen in my life for which I am truly grateful and continually amazed. But the day that I received a direct message and assignment from Archangel Michael brought me joy in up-close and wondrous personal ways. Joy, that elusive and oh-so-necessary element of our journey.

I had been attracted to the Native American traditions for years – reading, exploring, and learning about the Native American Medicine Wheel. The sacred ways of Gaia have spoken and healed me in so many ways, and I’m sure that this interest is from past life memories.

Judy Nelson

Judy Nelson

Years ago, my sister was visiting and checking out my backyard when she came tearing back into the house incredibly excited. She urgently told me I had to go outside and look at something right away. There, at the end of my patio, a perfect circle pressed into the grass. My sister said Archangel Michael had told her that this was the outline and location of a sacred Medicine Wheel, and we were to create that Medicine Wheel right here, right now. Wow! We jumped at it! How do you not with an archangel guiding you?

Over the years, my love of the Medicine Wheel has grown. I have done many sacred ceremonies in “my” Wheel, and love teaching and sharing with others about what I have learned and experienced. I believe it is part of my path and journey to help others connect to these energies there, to ignite and share the Joy.

There are so many layers to the Medicine Wheel, it is not just a circle of stones on the ground. It is connected energetically to Gaia, the sun, the moon, the stars, animals, plants/trees, all the kingdoms, including we humans. The Wheel teaches us to live in balance and harmony within and without – to cherish the many gifts of Gia and to realize we are all part of the integrated whole.

Since meeting Linda and connecting with the Council of Love, I have gained such a deep understanding of how the hallowed Medicine Wheel works within. I would like to share the healing and magic of the Medicine Wheel with you.

I want to heart share with you the gifts of the Medicine Wheel this Sunday, March 6 here in South Florida. Come and dance, drum, sing, open, and receive! Come lay down your burdens! Receive the deep love gifts of Gaia, the Joy from Archangel Gabrielle and Sitting Bull.

The event will also be virtual if you are not in the South Florida area.

This live event of traveling around the Sacred Wheel – this amazing gift from Archangel Michael, is Sunday, March 6, 2022, from 1-4:30 pm.

For directions, weblink and more information, please contact me, Judy Morningstar, at  judy@colspiritlifecoaching.com.

A $20 donation for refreshments is requested.

Judy is a Certified Council of Love Teacher and Coach.