My integrity is tested when my back is against the wall.

Written by on December 3, 2020

Difficult situations are usually uncomfortable to be in, but I rise to the occasion each time. My integrity is tested when my back is against the wall and I always come out victorious.

Challenges have the potential to cause me to question my core values. Sometimes the easy way out is attractive, but I stay away from it when it involves going against my beliefs.

Whenever I go through a financial struggle, I double down on my resolve to get through it honestly. I believe in making an honorable living in a way that allows me to maintain my key principles. My uprightness is my strong suit.

It allows me to face temptation and turn away from it in the same breath. I rely on creative solutions instead of shortcuts.

In personal relationships, I am sometimes asked to choose sides. Although I love all my friends and family members, I always stand on the side of the truth. When I focus on seeking it, it is easy for me to live it.

Anyone who asks me to betray my beliefs belongs on the outside of my inner circle. I prefer a free conscience over people who ask me to be dishonest.

Today, it is a good feeling to be sure of myself and what I believe in. It provides a foundation on which to make important life decisions. I am able to maintain integrity because my life is based on sound principles.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are the main principles that I commit to living by?
2. What is my initial reaction when I feel like my values are being attacked?
3. How do I ensure that I remain true to myself even when challenged by tough situations?